Do you need to enable training for your team and need help finding the right courses or solution?

Let us make it easy for you! Our friendly and experienced staff is ready to work with you to find the perfect solution to meet your company’s specific training needs in these areas:


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Corporate Governance Assurance and Risk Management Cybersecurity
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We can:

  • Help you choose existing courses from our current offerings
  • Combine modules for a tailored solution that addresses your specific needs
  • Custom-design a unique course for your team(s)
  • Arrange to have private team training delivered online (virtually), or onsite at the location of your choice (virtual training only through 2020 due to COVID-19)

Why choose a tailored training option?

  • Save money and time: If six or more people need training on the same topic, you can save 20-60% over public seminar costs by bringing a MISTI seminar onsite at your office, or the location of your choiceYour employees save travel costs and don’t waste valuable time away from the office.
  • Get focused content:Choose an existing course from the MISTI catalog; combine modules for a tailored approach, or let us custom-design your course. Your training can target the most current trends and technologies affecting your organization and industry. Confidentiality is ensured, so you can tackle department hot buttons in private.
  • Specialized Topics: All MISTI public seminar and webinar titles are also available for online or onsite presentation at your organization. In addition, we offer specialized topics that are only available by contacting us through this page.
  • Engage your team members:Online and onsite private training participants can experience workshops, case studies, live software demonstrations, role play, and hands-on computer lab exercises to address real-world solutions. Everyone hears the same message and learns the same methods. 
  • Learn from the best: All MISTI instructors are expert practitioners who are your subject-matter consultants while they are online or at your location. Your private training is backed up for MISTI’s solid industry experience and reputation. You can also take benchmarking a step further and plan a curriculum that fulfills the requirements of a MISTI Certificate Program, or design your own!
  • Meet CPE Requirements: All MISTI courses offer NASBA-approved Continuing Professional Education credit (CPEs), to help your members maintain certifications.

If you do contact us or fill out the form, please let us know: 

  • What would you like the course(s) to focus on?
  • Where would you like the training to take place and when? (Virtual training only in 2020)
  • How many members of your team would you like to train?
  • What level of experience does your team have?