Please Note: The well-being, health, and safety of our students and colleagues is our top priority and we have been monitoring the development of COVID-19 closely and adjusting our training offering accordingly. To that end, all Classroom Training seminars will be delivered virtually (online) for the remainder of 2020.

What is Virtual Training?

Virtual (online) Classroom Training is convenient, informative, and instructor-led training that replicates the classroom environment. Our Virtual Seminars allow you to participate in highly valuable learning from anywhere in the world to enhance your technical and soft skills, while earning NASBA CPE credits. All you need is an internet-accessible location and you are ready to get the training you deserve!



What are the benefits of a MISTI Virtual Classroom?

  • Every seat is the best seat in the classroom! Watch, hear, and participate in virtual classes as if you were attending in-person.
  • Talk to your instructor in real-time, ask questions, and discuss course material all without having to be physically present.
  • Virtual Classroom training saves you both time and money. Save time away from your home and office, and save money on travel and hotel costs.
  • Earn NASBA CPE credits and receive a digital MISTI certificate.
  • Join a community of people online who share the same interests. Just like in-person training, virtual seminars are a space where you can make new contacts and can interact with your peers.
  • Our expert instructors have been trained in the best practices of online/virtual delivery, ensuring our students get the best experience.

Are the full- and multi-day virtual courses as engaging as a live classroom?

Yes! Our professional instructors are committed to providing virtual training that is as engaging as a live classroom experience. You will see and hear other students, be able to take frequent breaks, and participate in instructor/student Q&A and group exercises to ensure you get the most out of your virtual training experience.

Will Virtual Training include the same content as in-classroom training?

Yes! In all virtual classrooms, you will receive digital versions of the same course materials that are handed out in a live class.

Will there be interaction with the instructor and a chance to ask questions?

Yes! You will still be able to “raise your hand”, ask questions, and collaborate in real-time with the instructor and other students just like you are sitting in a physical classroom.

Hear what our students have to say:

This was my first virtual class and I enjoyed it. I found it to be very interactive and engaging. - Principal Cybersecurity Audit Supervisor

[The virtual class] was very well put together. The information was taught like I was in a classroom setting and very interactive. - Senior Internal Auditor

This course was very helpful.  I have both attended courses [live] and done virtual courses; I prefer the virtual courses so this really met my needs. - Internal Audit Manager

I thought the virtual event worked really well.  Thanks for making that transition. - Senior IT Audit Manager


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Please note: Virtual Classrooms follow the time zone of the host city, so be sure to adjust your schedule accordingly.