As technology constantly evolved within the business, so will regulations. But it’s not only the information security department that has to grapple with the challenges presented by this, internal audit has a significant role to play too. 

It’s important for internal audit to work very closely with the security department, specifically with the chief information security officer, says Shawna Flanders, director of instructional technologies and innovation at MISTI. This helps the audit function dissect the information tied to the regulations from an information security perspective.

“No matter how up to date we are, regulations are constantly changing,” Flanders told Internal Audit Insights during a recent interview. “It’s a challenge for all audit organizations no matter how much they’re trying to stay on top of compliance.”

In the full video interview below, Flanders discusses the regulations that internal audit should keep top of mind, and provides other tips for auditors to overcome the challenges tied to regulations.

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Photo by NASA on Unsplash