As risks evolve within the business, so does the role of the internal auditor. Keeping up with the changes the organization goes through is essential in order to continually add value to the business as an auditor. 

A prime example is tied to data analytics. In the recent 2019 Internal Audit Priorities Report, 76 percent of audit leaders surveyed indicated that audit teams need to develop better data analytics functions, but you can’t leave it up to the team to figure that out. The modern-day audit leader needs to lead the charge and carve the path to success when it comes to developing the right skills and competencies. It’s perhaps one of the most important responsibilities as an audit leader, says Patti Puccinelli, vice president of audit advisory services at ManpowerGroup. 

“[It’s important] to make sure we understand what the correct skills and capabilities are based on the demands that are being placed on all of us, from the audit committee to executive leadership,” Puccinelli told Internal Audit Insights during a recent video interview.

In part three of this four-part series on internal audit priorities in Internal Audit Insights caught up with Puccinelli who discussed why it’s so important for internal audit leaders to continually keep pace with the latest skills and competencies required for the function to achieve its objectives.

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Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash